Not your off-the-shelf bittersweet chocolate nor chocolate milk powder, we’re talking about the actual cacao (cocoa) fruit. Raw (unprocessed) cacao, in its pure form, with all its nutritional and energetic properties. Cacao’s nutritional ingredients include a huge amount of magnesium and antioxidants that offer many health benefits. But that's not the end of it.

Ancient South American cultures revered cacao as the sacred fruit of the gods. Its unique compounds help the body, the nervous system and the emotional and mental receptors to relax and open up to a wider consciousness of the self. This state of focus is maintained for a longer time than usual, thus helping us engage in a deep inner process.

Although there is nothing psychedelic and extreme about a cacao experience, it enhances the natural joy within us and opens our heart to a more loving communication with ourselves and people around us.

The first stage of a cacao "high" is a flow of endorphins (natural hormones that relieve pain and have a positive effect on our mood) secreted in the brain, filling the body with energy together with a sense of euphoria and levitation. The body then breaks down the magnesium present in cacao, which helps relax the muscles and the nervous system.

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