Ibogaine is a substance derived from the iboga plant, and used as a non-addictive hallucinogenic drug, which some researchers believe can help deal with addiction to psychoactive drugs. In the United States, Ibogaine is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance. Mixtures containing ibogaine are used in spiritual ceremonies and for medicinal purposes by the Bwiti tribe in Africa.

Studies and experiments have led to the hypothesis that a single ingestion of the plant can cause a complete cessation of withdrawal symptoms from other drugs, and even reduce craving. Accordingly, ibogaine was proposed as an effective drug against addiction to heroin, cocaine, methadone, alcohol and other drugs with severe withdrawal symptoms. It has also been found to be somewhat effective in reducing nicotine dependence and is even considered to have high psychotherapeutic potential, but these claims are all disputed.

Ibogaine is an alkaloid from the indole family used in medical and non-medical settings to treat opioid abuse. It has been associated with reducing opioid withdrawal and drug withdrawal symptoms in patients who have not benefited from other treatments. Its mechanism is not yet fully understood. So far, no prospective studies have been published on the effect of taking ibogaine treatment on drug use.

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