Kambo is the venomous secretion of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog that lives on trees in the Amazon region. Local shamans have been using the frog's venom for centuries in rituals and as medicine.

The indigenous tribes of South America use Kambo to cure laziness, depression, lack of passion, physical and spiritual weakness and lack of harmony with nature. As far as they are concerned, when things don’t turn out well in your life, it's time for Kambo.

In the Amazon jungle, this medicine is known to bring joy, good luck, and balance to the heart chakra. In addition, local tribes use Kambo before going hunting, to sharpen their senses and increase their energy.

In their tradition, Kambo’s primary purpose is to remove Panema – an existential condition that causes discomfort and illness, described as a thick cloud of sadness, bad luck, laziness, depression or confusion. Kambo is known to remove Panema and restore a person to their natural state of harmony with body and mind, while realizing their full physical, spiritual and emotional potential.

In addition, the natives use Kambo to cleanse and heal the body of any disease or condition including headaches, allergies, inflammations, infections, addictions, malaria, snakebites and insect bites.

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