999 Cannabis Strain Profile

A veritable triple-threat of cannabis genetics, 999 delivers some of the best characteristics found in Kush varieties by combining three Kush hybrids into one potent strain.

By ensuring that consumers can enjoy both recreational and therapeutic effects in great measure, the resulting strain has earned infamy among growers and consumers alike.


Strain: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa

999 is an even split of cannabis Indica and Sativa genetics that attempts to blend the best of both worlds in equal measure.

Thanks to a collaboration between noted OG Kush breeder JoshD and the labs at Karma Genetics, Many would agree this strain has achieved just that.

999 is a three-way combination of Tahoe OG Kush, Triangle Kush, and Biker Kush. The resulting strain is a complex and suitable example of the pinnacle of what Kush strains can achieve.

With strong and reliable genetics that carry through successive grows, 999 has become a mainstay among growing communities looking for the most dependable and potent Kush hybrids available.

THC Content: Average 15% / As high as 17%

CBD Content: 0%

999 is a moderately potent example of a hybrid cannabis strain. This is a big benefit to those building a sustainable grow operation around the 999 strain.

As a moderately potent strain, 999 can serve both as a suitable entry point for inexperienced consumers as well as a strain that experienced smokers can rely on for a dependable high that won’t put them out of commission for a long duration of time.

Fragrance: Earthy, Diesel, Pungent

999’s aromas are characteristic of Indica strains that favor earthy and pungent smells. Additionally, the highlight of Diesel stands out in a unique way that adds even more draw to 999.

Flavors: Sour, Citrus, Piney

In a bit of a departure from heavy Indica strains’ typical flavor profile, 999 offers strong citrus and sour-oriented set of tastes. The addition of pine provides an uplifting and almost energizing and mouthwatering quality that most respond to very enthusiastically.

Appearance: Dark, Popcorn Buds, Compact

999 is a plant with a dark hue all around and popcorn-profiled buds.

These flowers are coated in stout trichomes and thick, gnarled pistils.

Most Common Uses: Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Glaucoma, Fatigue, And Migraines

Despite being an even split of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa genetics, 999 is adept at offering therapeutic relief regarding symptoms of physical and psychological illnesses. Among those uses are relief from chronic pain, depression, stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

Recreational users will find the strain is excellent for dependable relaxation, euphoria, and a general sense of wellbeing during use.

Side Effects: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes

Few side effects are reported by consumers of 999, which is a great thing. That said, some individuals do report relatively mild bouts with dry mouth and dry eyes during use.

Growing: Limited Run, Unlikely To Be Available

999 was originally created as a strain with an intended limited run and availability. As a result, it is unlikely to be available in seed or cutting form at this point in time.

Final Thoughts on 999

999 is a great example of what selective breeding of cannabis strains can achieve. The combination of three unique Kush variations into one standout strain has made 999 an exceptional example of what can be achieved and excited both growers and consumers in equal measure.

The strain is moderately potent and offers plenty of benefits to recreational users as well as medical marijuana patients.

In addition to its effects, the strain has plenty of draws thanks to its unique appearance, flavors, and aromas.

Overall 999 is a stellar strain to enjoy or propagate, provided you can find it toward either pursuit.

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