Skunk Flavoured Cannabis Strains

Skunk has long been a popular form of cannabis and as the name suggests, its most obvious property is its smell. Skunk’s smell is a result of the different terpenes found in the cannabis strains and in particular myrcene, which is responsible for the musky, earthy smells.

While the name skunk suggests that these strains will not have a very pleasant aroma, they also contain several other terpenes, so there are all kinds of other smells making up the bouquet. Skunk is known for being particularly strong, but there are several different strains, some milder than others. Popular skunk strains include Tuna Kush, Pineapple Skunk, Lime Skunk and Skunk 1. You can browse all of the different skunk smelling cannabis strains on this page to find the right one for you.


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