Coffee Flavoured Cannabis Strains

Cannabis contains more than 30 terpenes, each of which contributes to its smell and flavour. One of the primary terpenes is myrcene, which creates a herbal aroma. Another common terpene is caryophyllene, which results in spicy, peppery flavours. When these two are combined, they produce a coffee-like smell and thanks to the influence of a number of other terpenes, there is often a hint of chocolate as well.

There are indica, sativa and hybrid cannabis strains with the aroma of coffee such as Chocolate Thai, Chocolope, Chocolate Kush, and Chocolate Hashberry. Strains that have a floral fragrance and grape flavour will also often have hints of coffee in their bouquet. On this page you can find a complete list of cannabis strains that taste like coffee and you are bound to find many that appeal.

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